About Image Processing

The field of digital image processing, machine vision or computer vision, as it is applied in the Fabrimex Systems AG, is an engineering discipline, in which it comes to teaching machines and devices vision and judging.

Digital image processing is a very interdisciplinary field which requires a good knowledge of camera technology, image acquisition technology, optics and illumination technology, software and computer technology. In addition, the selected components and modules have mechanical, electrical and IT moderately be integrated in devices, machines, robots, vehicles and equipment so that an efficient and error-free interaction results.

Typical applications are for example:

• Presence and completeness check in assembly processes

• Monitoring of production processes in general

• Surface inspection, optical quality control

• Share survey, for example. precision parts

• Pick & Place applications in the packaging industry by robot

Traffic monitoring

• Font and code recognition on a range of technical products and packaging

• Classification / recognition of general products

The range of applications is in principle unlimited.

The rapidly increasingly large computing power and sophisticated software always allow new applications. Digital image processing is, however, for the most part also still an area of ​​research, and it can not all tasks by far be solved by machine.

Therefore, a careful evaluation of the task and the conditions necessary for a reliable statement about the feasibility of the task can be done.

The specialist of Fabrimex Systems are happy to help.

We can go back on over 30 years of experience in industrial image processing.

What should I look at the resolution ?

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Our products in image processing

 Our products in imaging processing

  • Intelligent cameras SmartCam
  • PCI-X, PCIe Real Time Image Processing Boards
  • PCI, PCIe, PCI-X Frame Grabber
  • CCD cameras, CMOS cameras
  • GiGE camera, USB camera, FireWire camera
  • Line camera, Analog camera
  • Optics and lighting, LED lighting
  • Telecentric lenses
  • Machine Vision Software, SW for image processing
  • Cable Accessories