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Image Processing

How do I clean the camera sensor?

  • The cleaning should be done as possible in a clean environment. The best in a clean room.
    • For purification it needs cleanroom cloth or fiber-free cleaning swab and 100% ethanol.
    • The cleanroom fabric must not be cut but folded - risk of lint!
    • Hold or attach the camera with sensor down
    • Provide only enough ethanol to the Cleanroom cloth / cleaning swabs that no liquid drips onto the sensor.
    • Pull sensor / Cover Glass from side to side with the damp cleanroom cloth / cleaning swabs. In this exercise as little pressure as possible. Change After each scraping Cleanroom cloth / cleaning swabs.

What is the advantage of a smart camera over a traditional image processing system?

Smart cameras are now very compact and powerful.

They are often used as a simple sensors for fixed applications with limited scope of tasks.

For these cases SmartCam's an inexpensive and quickly installed alternative to the more flexible and efficient unlimited image processing systems consisting of a separate machine and one or more cameras.

Which focal length should have my lens?

That depends on many parameters. Contact us without obligation. We help competently when choosing your suitable lens for your application.

Which Camera resolution should I choose?

The smallest structure to be recognized in the imaged onto the sensor field determines the theoretical resolution of the sensor when using an ideal lens.

Rough, the length of the image field divided by the length of this structure. It follows on approximate terms the minimum number of pixels of the sensor in a horizontal direction.

Depending on the application, the actual sensor resolution must now be a multiple of this value.

Which lighting is suitable for my job?

That depends very much on the task and the object to be inspected.

There is a large amount of unüberblickbar different lighting for different tasks in industrial image processing. Basically, you want to process only the backscattered light from the object of the lighting used. Disruptive ambient light should be avoided in order to obtain reproducible results. may dividing one lighting for industrial image processing roughly into 3 classes: Incident light, transmitted light and dark field illumination.

Often a combination of these classes is used. In addition, there are still many other various, more specific types of lighting such as structured illumination and telecentric lighting. We will assist you in your lighting problem.

How long should be a CameraLink Cable?

With very good cables between 10m to 15m. Originally 5m specified.

How long should be the USB3 cable?

This depends primarily on the quality of the cable used and the quality of the electronic designs of USB3 drivers.

With very good passive cables can be up to 8m achieved. Originally 3m were specified.

What is important in the selection of the lens?

There are industrial camera with a wide variety of different machine vision lenses from different manufacturers.

The most common have a C-mount or CS-mount connection.

These lenses have a standardized edition of Mass 17:52 or 12.5mm. But there are other connections with eg. M42x1 or M58x1 Mount. Here, the back focus is not standardized. If the focal length determined, then the following parameters are also important to note: Maximum image circle diameter, which can be mapped to the sensor, the brightness of the lens, the resolution of the use of sensors with small pixels, the mechanical robustness and more. Let us advise you.

What are the requirements for the NIC of GigE cameras?

Basically, it has to be and with Jumbo Frame support a network adapter (NIC) with a speed of 1GHz.

The Jumbo Frame support and other performance properties of the NIC must be set before using a GigE Vision camera in the properties of each network adapter: Jumbo Frame size to the maximum setting, interrupt moderation rate to High or Extreme, number Receive Buffers and Send buffer to the maximum.

Depending on image processing application and configuration of the network, these parameters can vary to an optimum result to obtain.


Industrial PC

Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) on / off

Navigate to C: \ Users \% Your login% \ Documents \ EWF and run the EWF Controll.bat file. This opens a DOS window; Here you can make the following settings:

- With menu item 1, the current status can be displayed

- With menu item 2 changes can be permanently stored in a filter applied

- With menu item 3, the filter can be activated

- With menu item 4, the filter can be disabled

I want to change the display language of Windows 7. What should I pay attention ?

Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Professional and Windows Embedded Standard 7 WES7E not support this feature.

You will need either Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows Embedded Standard 7 WES7P.

Here you can re-install an additional language pack, and then, the display language can be changed. For more information, please visit:




Why does my touch screen does not support multi-touch function?

Possibly you use Windows 7 Embedded?

In order multi-touch capable display support multi-touch function, you will need version WES7P. WES7E only supports single-touch.



Display remains dark, even though the PC starts up normally

Graphic is ev. Output on a port other than the one to which your display currently have connected. With the following keystrokes to toggle between the different graphics ports:

Ctrl + Alt + F1 = VGA port

Ctrl + Alt + F4 = DVI port

Please wait after each attempt at least 10 seconds; redirection to another port takes time. Furthermore, it should be noted that switching from the keyboard only works when Windows is already fully started up in the background. That switching does not work when Windows is waiting for keyboard input from you, for example, for the Windows login or if Windows has detected new driver and the assistant for expected of you input.

Touchscreen can not be properly calibrated

Supporting your motherboard ev. different graphic outputs?

Then please go to Control Panel \ Appearance and Personalization \ Display \ Screen Resolution and check if in "Multiple displays" "Show display only on 1" is set only.