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Fabrimex Systems "Successful Project Implementations"

Accurate measurement results in real time

Increase productivity and cost-effectiveness of machines - with proven vision components and custom design.

Press brakes shape metal parts under high pressure. In this process, the properties of the raw material must be taken into account, as well as the thickness, rolling direction, and temperature of the workpiece. To achieve precise results, more and more companies are turning to intelligent angle measurement systems.

Vision Components has developed a modular system for this purpose, allowing OEM manufacturers to quickly create their own solution. They can choose the level of customization themselves.

In this brochure, you will gain insights into the implementation of embedded vision in machines. Get inspired for your project!


Automated food production

Machine vision and image processing components ensure powerful systems that enable error-free food production worldwide.

The production of food nowadays is almost always carried out with a high degree of automation. The Swiss company Kaiser Engineering develops and builds systems that are used in the production of renowned cheese manufacturers, among others.

Automation and image processing components from Fabrimex Systems AG, SVS-Vistek, Effilux, and Matrox Imaging ensure powerful systems that enable error-free food production worldwide.

In this brochure, you will gain insights into a successfully implemented production process with full automation and which products are ideally used for it. Get inspired for your project!


Cutting-edge technology for monitoring

Geopraevent develops, installs, and operates warning and alarm systems for natural hazards worldwide, designed for use in the most rugged environmental conditions.

Debris flows and avalanches threaten transportation routes, rock faces or glaciers are set in motion: The safety of people and infrastructure is a major challenge for authorities, operators of roads and railways, as well as power producers.

Structural protective measures such as avalanche barriers, rockfall galleries, or protection dams can provide a certain level of protection in these areas, but they are costly to build and maintain.

For some natural hazard problems, structural measures are not feasible, for example because the unstable rock area is simply too large, a structure would significantly impact the landscape, or the costs are disproportionately high.

Geopraevent explains in this issue what the best solution is in such cases.


Robot ANYmalC with Congatec boards

ANYbotics offers solutions for robot applications with the highest requirements for mobility and autonomy in challenging terrain.

Thanks to advances in computer-based intelligence and sensor technology, previously stationary robots without situational awareness are evolving into intelligent, autonomous, and mobile robots.

This not only helps to take potentially dangerous tasks away from humans, but also to optimize repetitive tasks in real work environments in terms of labor economics.

To learn how the ANYmalC robot from ANYbotics works, what tasks it can perform, and what features are built in, read this issue.