Fabrimex Systems AG

We are a highly motivated team of experienced specialists in the field of:

  • Embedded Computing, Industrial PC Systems and Accessories
  • Digital Image Processing, Machine Vision
  • Development of Customized Hardware and Software

The development of technical machinery and equipment has become increasingly complex in recent years. Due to the tough, competitive environment, the product life cycles get shortened, therefore the development of new product generations needs to be able to keep up.

For more than 30 years, Fabrimex Systems AG has offered comprehensive services and a wide range of standard and customized products for industrial PC's, embedded computing and Machine Vision in Switzerland. These products and services enable our customers to quickly and economically react to their market demands.

All our employees focus their efforts to effectively serve our customers in long term partnerships. We permanently strive for the highest quality, technical expertise and outstanding service.

Fabrimex Systems AG - Volketswil - Switzerland
Mission of Fabrimex Systems AG in ZH - Switzerland 

Mission of Fabrimex Systems AG

We meet the requirements of industrial customers and advanced scientific institutions, colleges and universities for the analysis and implementation of specific data processing tasks.

Together with our customers we develop OEM and complete system solutions for automation and quality control. To achieve this, we only include the best industrial PC, image processing and data acquisition systems.