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ZEBRA 3S Series High-Resolution 3D Sensors

- Combines with Zebra 4Sight EV7 and Zebra Aurora software
- Ambient light suppression technology

3S Series High-Resolution 3D Sensors

Models 3S40, 3S80

Solve Your Most Challenging Automation Applications with Industrial-Grade 3D Solutions 

Zebra’s 3S Series delivers best-in class 3D scanning to address a broad range of machine vision automation applications. Using Structured Light technology, the 3S series scans areas with sub-millimeter resolution and accuracy for both static scenes and items in motion. Every 3S Series model is also bundled with Aurora Design Assistant™ or Aurora Vision Studio™ software to enable applications that were once impossible with standard technologies.

  3S40-4L 3S80-4M 3S80-4L
3D Sensing Technology Structured light Parallel Structured Light Parallel Structured Light
Scanning range 34.3 x 88.5 in /870–2150 mm 19.6 – 37 in / 497–939 mm 30.6 – 119.4 in / 778 – 3,034 mm
Maximum scan rate 2 fps 20 fps 20 fps
Scanning time from 450 ms 10 ms 20 ms
Dynamic mode
Point size - 0.55 mm @z = 650 mm 1.05 mm @z = 1239 mm
Accuracy - < 0.500 mm < 1.250 mm
Static mode
Point size 0.82 mm @z = 1245 mm 0.37 mm @z = 650 mm 0.72 mm @z = 1239 mm
Accuracy < 0.50 mm < 0.250 mm < 0.900 mm

Zebra’s 3S40 3D Sensor

High-resolution 3D imaging for static dimensioning, inspection and depalletization applications

Offering a substantial 3D scanning volume, Zebra’s 3S40 3D sensor delivers unparalleled resolution and accuracy to enable depalletization as well as static dimensioning and inspection of oversized items. Structured light technology enables the 3S40 3D sensor to acquire 1.5 million points (1440 x 1080) in a 450 ms scan to provide highly detailed point clouds and true per-pixel measurement. The device’s ambient light suppression further optimizes results.

Zebra’s 3S80 3D Sensors

Unsurpassed 3D resolution and accuracy when capturing dynamic scenes

Leveraging patented parallel structured light technology, Zebra’s 3S80 3D sensors offers the industry’s highest 3D image resolution and accuracy when capturing dynamic scenes. Designed for manufacturing inspection and dimensioning applications, the 3S80 can acquire up to 2 million 3D points (1680 x 1200) in a 45 ms scan and render the data in detailed RGB-colored point clouds. This high-speed and high-resolution acquisition means there is no motion blur when imaging objects moving on a conveyor and provides true per-pixel measurement.