Matrix Vision mvBlueFOX3-2

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Matrix Vision mvBlueFOX3-2

USB3 Vision camera with Sony Pregius CMOS sensors - mvBlueFOX3-2

    • Compact industrial camera with USB 3.0
    • High quality sensors
    • Gray scale and color versions
    • Hardware preprocessing on-board (FPGA)
    • Image memory 256 MBytes
    • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
    • Available as single-board version

    The mvBlueFOX3-2 is the new USB3 Vision family for the new sensor generations. MATRIX VISION's smallest camera offers higher resolutions and frame rates as well as camera based smart features, which reduce the load of the host system.

    Your advantages with the mvBlueFOX3

    Huge camera FPGA reduces CPU load of your host system.

    Huge camera FPGA with a lot of space for features. We add new features easily via free of charge firmware updates.

    You won't lose an image with the internal image memory again.

    The image memory buffers images and enables useful features like Record / Playback, Pretrigger as well as sequence recordings.

    For counting and triggering of events, counters are a handy feature for your application.

    You can generate output signals variably, control illumination systems, synchronize several cameras, and a lot more.

    The suitable filter for your lighting situation or environmental condition.

    You can choose between daylight cut (Cold Mirror), IR cut (Hot Mirror) or glass (without filter) filter, which can be intergrated.

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Avez-vous des questions concernant ce produit?

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