HR Serie Camera Link, 11-29MP

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HR Serie Camera Link, 11-29MP

The SVCam-HR Series: Details Matter

The SVCam-HR series fulfills even the toughest demands on resolution without compromising on speed. Dual GigE Vision and Camera Link interfaces facilitate CCD resolution of 11 to 29 megapixel at up to 11 fps. For CMOS sensors, CoaXPress warrants up to 80 frames/sec with a resolution as high as 25 megapixel.

Leveraging our deep sensor knowledge, we were able to break the barriers for frame rate in the SVCam-HR series’ Camera Link versions - giving you the leading edge. The series boast resolution from 11 to 29 megapixels, offering the best of CCD technology. With a Python series CMOS sensor, 25 megapixel resolution is realized.

Dual- or quad-tap True Sense CCDs are optimally supported by Camera Link Base or Medium interface standard, while the ON Semiconductor 25 megapixel CMOS sensor is supported by Camera Link Full (80-bit).

  • Camera Link data interface
  • Pixel Clock Setting for CCD sensors
  • 4 x 4 binning
  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL)

 Model Overview

Model Resolution Format Pixel Frame Rate (fps)
hr11002 4008 x 2672 43.3 mm 9 10
hr16000 4872 x 3248 43.3 mm 7.4 4.6
hr16050 4896 x 3264 32.36 mm 5.5 10
hr16070 4864 x 3232 43.2 mm 7.4 10.2
hr25000 5120 x 5120 32.5 mm 4.5 30
hr29050 6576 x 4384 43.47 mm 5.5 5.9
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