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Myutron FV Series

Mega Pixel Low Distortion CCTV Lens.

Design for low distor tion and mega pixel.



  • High resolution, suitable for mega pixel camera
  • Design for machine vision application,excellent performance at short WD, less than 500mm
  • Reduce color aberration, compared with conventional CCTV lens
  • TV distortion less than 0.1% (except for f4mm)
  • Possible to use for macro imaging without extension ring 


Focal LengthRange of WDAngle of viewFilter Pitch
FV0420 4mm 0.1m < 59.96°×75.14° M27 P=0.5
FV0622 6.5mm 0.1m < 40.47°×52.35° M30.5 P=0.5
FV1022 10mm 0.1 m < 26.31°×34.61° M27 P=0.5
FV1520 15mm 0.1m < 24.11°×31.79° M27 P=0.5
FV2020 20mm 0.1m - 1m 18.2°×24.11° M27 P=0.5
FV2520 25mm 0.15m - 1m 14.75°×19.58° M27 P=0.5
FV3020 30mm 0.2m - 1m 12.55°×16.69° M27 P=0.5
FV3519 35mm 0.3m - 1m 10.77°×14.32° M27 P=0.5
FV5025 50mm 0.4m - 1m 7.82°×10.38° M27 P=0.5
FV7538 75mm 0.4m - 1m 5.11°×6.81° M27 P=0.5
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Do you have any questions about this product?

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