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Die EXO304 Tracer mit MFT-Bajonett bietet durch die Möglichkeit Fokus, Zoom und Blende individuell zu steuern neue Perspektiven für die Bildverarbeitung.


EXO Tracer

The successful EXO series is the shining basis of the EXO Tracer. The Tracer comes with identical camera features and additionally with a fully functional lens control (focus, zoom, aperture). Lens mount is a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount, covering all electric connections. Due to the size of the MFT Bayonet, the Tracer is a bit larger than the original EXO in dimensions. Still, the excellent thermal concept of the EXO qualifies for a operating temperature of up to 60°C.

All MFT lenses feature a specific beam geometry on the sensor side of the lens, which works in perfect harmony to sensors between 2/3" and 1.2". A nearly perfect flatfield is the compelling result. Together with up to 72dB dynamic range and up to 12 MP resolution, the Tracer delivers excellent image quality with its highly sensitive sensors.

The lens properties are integrated into the camera's GenICam 3.0 tree, any GenICam-driven software is immediately able to use lens control without additional drivers. Same thing is valid for the integrated LED strobe control: All items adjustable via GenICam properties. This permits effortless and quick machine vision integration.

Tests at SVS-Vistek showed a surprising high repeatability of the lenses, even after 1 Mio focus cycles. Focus and zoom times are similar to what you know from lenses in photography.

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Do you have any questions about this product?

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