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ELiiXA Plus C4M CL 8005-BA1

The ELiiXA 8k has 8,192 pixels, which are read with a maximum line rate of up to 100 kHz. The new multi-line CMOS sensor consists of four active lines that are no distance from one another. Two rows adjacent rows form a pair, the noise-free adds the analog voltages. The two intensity values, which are present after the A / D conversion of each line pair are then summed digitally. With this combined method the addition of analog voltage and digital brightness values ??the ELiiXA + cameras achieve excellent sensitivity and signal / noise ratio. Thanks to the 5 microns large pixel cameras are very compact and affordable F-mount lenses can be used up to the resolution of 8k. The camera supports binning at sensor level and can thus for maximum sensitivity at 10 x 10 micron pixel size with 4K or and 20x20?m pixel size operate with 2k resolution. Power consumption is only 7 W. In addition, the line camera can also be used in a temperature range from 0 to 70 ° C.

Key Features

  • Auflösung 8.192 Pixel/Zeile
  • 5 µm Pixelgröße
  • Zeilenfrequenz bis 100.000 Zeilen/s
  • Multiline CMOS Architektur mit 4 aktiven Zeilen
    Steigerung der Empfindlichkeit um Faktor 4
  • Camera Link Full (850 MHz)
Do you have any questions about this product?

Do you have any questions about this product?

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