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The CameraLink version of ELiiXA has 16,384 pixels, which are read with a maximum line rate of up to 50 kHz.


ELiiXA Plus C4M CL 1605

The construction of the multi-line CMOS sensor provides a wide dynamic range of up to 73 dB. The novelty of the sensor lies in its special multi-line architecture. It consists of four active lines of 16k pixels lying without distance apart. Two adjacent rows form a pair of lines, the noise-free adds the analog voltages. The two intensity values, which are present after the A-D conversion of each line pair are then summed digitally in the FPGA. This combined method of addition of analog voltage and digital brightness values ??increases the sensitivity of the sensor by a factor of 4. This sensor is with its 450 LSB / (nJ / cm2) sensitive enough to drive the highest speed used in practice without costly special lighting. e2v supports innovative sensor design ELiiXA + line camera by numerous other camera features such as manual and automated tap balancing, flat field correction, contrast stretching, film and digital binning, LUTs. A narrow case with a width of 100 mm with a line length of 82 mm also features a USB port for firmware updates in the field. Power consumption is only 16 W. In addition, the line camera can also be used in a temperature range from 0 to 55 ° C.

Key Features

  • Resolution of 16,384 pixels / line
  • 5 micron pixel size
  • Line rate to 50,000 lines / s
  • Multiline CMOS architecture with 4 active lines
  • Increase in sensitivity by a factor of 4
  • CameraLink
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Do you have any questions about this product?

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