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UNiiQA+ unleash the potential of your inspection system


C1M CL 4005-BA3-Versatile

UNIQA Versatile can be operated in any resolution between 512 pixels / line and 4096 pixels / line. The pixel size is 5µ at 4k and 10 .mu.m at 2k, 1k and 0.5k resolution. The up to 100 kHz line rate of the camera roughly doubles the maximum speed of today's CCD line scan cameras - future security for future generations of products.

he CMOS sensor makes its benefits fully from: with 100% fill factor, high sensitivity, even into the near-infrared range, a dynamic range of 73dB and outstanding linearity, it provides clear, high-contrast and low-noise images. Due to the highly integrated CMOS designs all give UNiiQA + cameras extremely frugal. With only 150g weight and dimensions of 60 x 60 mm, they are very compact, the power consumption is just 3.5W. Due to the low power dissipation, the camera can operate at ambient temperatures up to 55 ° C and supplied with Power over Camera Link (PoCL).

Camera Link (Base or Medium / Full) is due to the stability, transfer performance and controllability still the most widely used interface for line scan camera turns. The data rates of up to 400 MB / second of UNiiQA + series exceed the transfer performance of GigE Vision significantly. Therefore models will follow with frame grabber interface Wi been to, 2015.

Key features

  • Adjustable resolution: 4k / 2k / 1k / 0.5k pixels / line
  • 5 microns / 10 microns pixel size
  • Line frequency to 100 kHz / s
  • Advanced CMOS architecture
  • CameraLink Base
Do you have any questions about this product?

Do you have any questions about this product?

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