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C1M CL 4005-BA0

UNIQA Essential offers a resolution of 4096 pixels with pixel size 5 .mu.m. The up to 20 kHz line rate of the camera Essential roughly doubles the maximum speed of today's CCD line scan cameras - future security for future generations of products. The CMOS sensor makes its benefits fully from: with 100% fill factor, high sensitivity, even into the near-infrared range, a dynamic range of 73dB and outstanding linearity, it provides clear, high-contrast and low-noise images. Due to the highly integrated CMOS designs all give UNiiQA + cameras extremely frugal. With only 150g weight and dimensions of 60 x 60 mm, they are very compact, the power consumption is just 3.5W. Due to the low power dissipation, the camera can operate at ambient temperatures up to 55 ° C and supplied with Power over Camera Link (PoCL). Camera Link (Base or Medium / Full) is due to the stability, transfer performance and controllability still the most widely used interface for line scan camera turns. The data rates of up to 400 MB / second of UNiiQA + series exceed the transfer performance of GigE Vision significantly. Therefore models will follow with frame grabber interface Wi been to, 2015.

Key Features

  • Resolution 4,096 pixels / line
  • 5 micron pixel size
  • Line frequency to 20 kHz / s
  • Advanced CMOS architecture
  • CameraLink Base
Do you have any questions about this product?

Do you have any questions about this product?

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