AViiVA II EM1 GE 0514

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AViiVA II EM1 GE 0514

The new AViiVA II EM1 0514 GigE Vision line camera has a sensor of the latest generation of e2v: 512 pixels / line with 14?m pixel size.

  The newly developed CCD sensor offers outstanding sensitivity that you previously familiar line cameras only of Multi-Line.

The AViiVA II EM1 GE 2014 read with 120MHz and so reaches a line rate of 175 kHz via GigE Vision.
Thus, the camera of the fastest GigE Vision linescan cameras is one world.

Also completely redesigned is the low-noise readout electronics, which guarantees together with the sensor the highest image quality, 12bit data depth and 68dB dynamic range.

Numerous camera features such as high-precision tap balancing, manual and automatic flat-field correction, user-defined look-up tables (LUT), variable readout and trigger modes, allow the flexible use in different applications and a fast and secure Setup.

Key Features

  • 512 pixels / line, 14?m pixel size
  • Maximum line width: 175 kHz
  • Pixel clock: 120MHz
  • Dynamic Range:> 68dB
  • Spectral range: 250-1100 nm
  • Interface: GigE Vision
Do you have any questions about this product?

Do you have any questions about this product?

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