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Not just a supplier !

We guarantee an effective cooperation to our customers. Thanks to high flexiblity, many years of experience and highly trained people we are able to help with a development from beginning to end. From the idea to the finished product, we support you in your concerns.

Service & Support

An excellent and fast service, in case of urgent challenges. We act quickly and reliable, whether in our house or at the customers site. Thanks to qualified professionals, we're able to offer fast and uncomplicated support.

Customs solutions

We develop for our customers complete systems that can be perfectly integrated into their applications. Thanks to close cooperation we can respond precisely to the customers wishes and requirements.

Traceability of components

Each product is recorded after the sale and any information remains present for you any time. In case of repairs or spare parts are needed, we can therefore guarantee that we can subsequent delivery exactly identical parts so that you can continue to work without obstacles.

Long-term supply guarantee

You are planning a new production series or want to block new components for existing equipment? We guarantee a long-term supply of your purchased products. We know exactly how important it is that components are not constantly changing.

Burnin Test with customer configuration

Each system is tested. Nothing leaves the house when we are not quite sure that it works even under high stress. Upon request, we also invite clients image to the systems and test them simultaneously with the desired configuration.




26.02.2018, News, Image Processing, Computer on Module, Components


The EXO183MGETR from the EXO Tracer series is an industrial camera with full lens control (Focus, Zoom, Aperture)....

16.01.2018, News, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components

Box PC eBOX560-512-FL from Axiomtek

An extremely compact embedded system optionally by an Intel ® -core ™ -i5-7300U- or a Celeron ® is driven -3965U processor....

21.11.2017, News, Components, Computer on Module, Industrial-PC

Vecow ECS-9280 GTX1050

Powerful embedded system with integrated GPU for optimal performance in graphics-intensive applications...

20.11.2017, News, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components

ARES-1970 Serie from ARBOR

Modular, high-performance industrial controllers feature flexible configuration, rich onboard I/O connectivity and plenty of expansion potential....

20.09.2017, News, Image Processing, Computer on Module, Components


The new board cameras VCSBCnanoZ-RH-1-0022 from Vision Components...

25.07.2017, News, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components

Tank iR2623-S3

iR2623-S3(2 CD-ROM bay 2.5"-3.5” Internal RAID Storage)...

27.06.2017, News, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components


HORUS330, 1.5 U Fanless Rugged GPU Server ...

27.06.2017, News, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components

Vecow ECS-9210

Vecow ECS-9200 Series Fanless Embedded System...

26.06.2017, News, Image Processing, Computer on Module, Components


Self-sufficient laser triangulation sensor for 3D measurement...

24.05.2017, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components

ECS Board H11H4-IA1

Nos nouvelles cartes mères industrielles de ECS sont de très haute qualité et constituent des solutions à prix avantageux pour votre secteur industriel....

23.05.2017, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components


Avec les fonctions all-in-one intégrées, l’excellente performance du système, les ports polyvalents I/O, 6 GigE LAN avec 4 IEEE 802.3at PoE +, 2 Independent Powered Device (PD) LAN, une large gamme...

22.09.2016, Industrial-PC

The world's first FULL HD Monitor 18.5"

We are proud to be able to introduce the world's first FULL HD monitor size 18.5" with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and 10 finger PCT touchscreen. ...

09.06.2016, Image Processing, Industrial-PC, Computer on Module, Components, News

HDBaseT - a long journey from the idea to the World Premier

Just a year has passed since the HDBaseT Alliance has announced its latest productss. Finally it should be possible to also include USB signals into the transmission. This can be easily connected for...

We can supply the following accessories
  • keyboards
  • mice
  • trackball
  • harddisk
  • graphics Cards
  • motherboard's
  • RAM, CompactFlash
  • processors
  • CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-RW / DVD Combo
  • DVD +/- RW, DL
  • modem
  • Hub's
  • switches
  • router
  • Cable (network, hard disk, USB, etc.)
  • PC's with extended temperature range
  • DOM (Disk on Module)
  • DOC (Disk on chip)