21. November 2017 - News

Vecow ECS-9280 GTX1050

ECS-9280 GTX1050 from Vecow  is a powerful 7th-generation embedded Intel® Xeon® / Core ™ i7 Processor (Kaby Lake) Embedded system with integrated GPU for optimal performance in graphics-intensive applications.


With all-in-one integrated features, outstanding system performance, versatile
I / O Connectors, Mobile Availability, Surge Protection, Intelligent Management Features, Isolated DIO, EN50155 and Industrial Reliability, Vecow ECS-9280 GTX1050 Series GPU Computing System is your best choice for
Machine Vision, Embedded Workstation, Traffic Vision, Telemedicine, Intelligent Control, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Reorganization and any graphics performance driven Industry 4.0/IIoT applications.