03. November 2015 - Image Processing

VClib Software Library

Power software is the perfect companion for intelligent cameras, so the delivery of Vision Components Embedded Systems includes always free the VCLib. This software library was designed specifically for industrial and non-industrial image processing applications and is suitable for all VC Smart Cameras. Comprising collected 30 years of experience in the field of image processing has VCLib a unique combination of algorithms optimizes the VCs embedded systems and has been tested in more than 120,000 industrial plants. At no additional cost for the duration of licenses or other fees. User can use more than 300 functions VCLib free.

The extensive software library contains all standard image processing routines as well as ready-to-use algorithms for a variety of inspection tasks (for example, color processing, various filter routines and pattern matching).

VCLib was developed to facilitate further in-house user programming and development on the basis of the existing codes. All standard code types are supported, as well as quick and effective FPGA code compilation or translation. The integrated VC Barcode Reader tool reliably detects bar codes in any orientation. VCLib example, allows correlation with subpixel accuracy for the inspection of printed materials and includes filtering, edge detection features, geometric transformation functions, a debug function and more.

The user-friendly debugging screen display images from different instances of the development phase. VCLib also enables hardware color conversion from the Bayer pattern, which ensures a much faster playback. A square-finder function based on Hough transform allows user to quickly identify shapes such as license plates. Functions for contour detection and edge detection with subpixel accuracy are also available.

The VCLib documentation that includes extensive explanations and examples, is available now.